Limited Edition Jacquard Tapestries

         Woven on industrial looms in North Carolina, these tapestries are woven interpretations of original paintings. See our Tapestry FAQ page for more details.

         Please email Jane ( with questions about availability and pricing.

Artist’s Statement: “From Brush Stroke to Weave” 

Limited-Edition Jacquard Tapestries

From Brush Stroke to Weave is a series that translates my paintings into the deep color complexity of jacquard tapestries, bringing drama and texture into a living environment. 

The hangings combine the freshness of original artwork with the comfortable cultural familiarity of tapestry. The digital industrial weaving process re-interprets the two-dimensional artwork to a subtle bas relief of yarns. 

I began this project in 2010 as a Visiting Artist at the American Academy in Rome, and continued with a return to the Academy in 2012. Four finished pieces were woven at textile mills in North Carolina in the intervening years. 

This collaboration is an exciting exploration of relationships between people, places and technologies, that culminates with the thrill of hanging a limited-edition tapestry in your chosen space. 

Special thanks to Leslie Terzian Markoff for her experienced and discerning eye, mastery of the specialized technology and unwavering focus as my valued collaborator on this project.